I started this site in order to talk about my favourite pastime: books. I have been a voracious reader ever since I can remember, and opinionated one in addition to that. However, as I have progressed into my mid-twenties, the time I have devoted to the luxury of just kicking back and opening a book with a mugful of warm beverage in my hand, just like you might have seen on bookstagram, that happened maybe once or twice in the year 2018. The time is running out with all the responsibilities. Not the will, however. Therefore, I have created this little reading nook, a small space to talk about the latest or not so recent things coming out in the publishing world. To hold myself accountable, to voice my opinions, or simply praise the simplest things my favourite characters do in the novel – now, I have a certified platform to nerd out.

Annotated Life is henceforth a place where I compile my incoherent babbles and turn them into readable pieces of information. If you are like me or simply need an honest opinion about the book you’ve just placed into your shopping cart, just read on… 🙂