(Bookish) New Year’s Resolutions

Now it is not the 1st of January right now as I am writing this, but
I have reached a consensus with one of Dua Lipa’s song titles, IDGAF. I do what I want and you can’t tell me nothing. I have decided to make a list of decisions I’ll probably not give a second thought ever. Just kidding. I’ll probably cry myself to sleep due to the fact that indeed, I do care, and this is just a cynical mask I put up to not disappoint myself and expectations I have for the oh so perfectionist me.

With the start of the year, I do want to do these things:

  1. go to the library more
  2. write 100 reviews (which is a stretch, but hey, masochism is apparently in these days)
  3. read more than 100 books
  4. get a job in the editing industry again
  5. figure out my favourite genre
  6. sort through ebooks
  7. finish all the ARCs (an arduous task apparently)
  8. donate/give out 1/2 of my book collection *gasp
  9. read the majority of my physical book collection
  10. participate in readathons regularly

Well, that’s it folks. Wake me up when the year’s over.

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