January Readathons

As a part of my bookish New Year’s resolutions, I have decided to participate in as many readathons as possible. It may be the competitive streak in me, which is the best case scenario, but there are 6 of them and I plan to do as many as I can. I am not sure if it’s even possible with my day job, studies, and other projects I have on my plate, but a side dish in form of this challenge… well, how could I resist? 

I don’t plan to read ten books for every one of them, I would much rather explore the genres and take it more casually. So for the month of January, I am starting slowly but with a broad scope, and see how many readathons which are happening multiple times of the year I actually enjoy instead of committing to one or two (which I might do in the upcoming month). So far, the ones I’d like to do the most are the shorter ones, and AYearAThon, since it runs throughout the whole of the year. 

Here is the table of the ones I’d like to check out soon:

7 – 13Bout of Books 24
7 – 13AYearAThon (Throwbacks)
11 – 13Off The Grit Readathon
12 – 18Biannual Bibliathon
14 – 20Buzzword Readathon (Lie)
26 – 2724in48 Readathon

Some of these are seasoned players, but the introduction of lesser known ones like Off The Grit RAT and the Buzzword RAT are interesting due to the rules that their creators have set. I encourage reading up on all of those, but Off The Grit RAT is based on disconnecting from distractions like phones and computers as much as one can and enjoying the reading, and Buzzword RAT, hosted by ever so amazing Kayla of BooksandLala has just one rule, and that is to read as many books with a set buzzword in the title. This time it is ‘Lie’ and its variations. I longingly gaze at my ebook of Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh and I know at least one book that’s definitely on my To Read list for this month.

Other than that, in the guise of keeping the month casual (with 6 RATs, yeah) I feel like I won’t have a set TBR. Just let the river take its course. Wish me luck, because I’ll definitely need it.

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